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MUKTI - First person story exploration game | Sony India Hero Project | PS5 & PC | underDOGS Studio
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Mukti is a groundbreaking first-person story exploration game set within the immersive environment of an Indian museum. Mukti delves deeply into a critical social issue that demands our attention: human trafficking. In Mukti, players embark on a journey of discovery as they navigate the labyrinthine corridors of the museum, uncovering the harrowing truths and hidden narratives behind the scourge of human trafficking. Through rich storytelling and immersive gameplay mechanics, Mukti invites players to confront the realities faced by victims and survivors alike, shedding light on this pressing global issue.

Drawing inspiration from authentic narratives and meticulously researched historical contexts, Mukti aims to raise awareness, provoke thought, and inspire action. Each interaction within the game is designed to provoke empathy, spark dialogue and ignite change.

Launching on PlayStation 5 and PC, Mukti offers an impactful gaming experience that enlightens and empowers. Join us on this transformative journey to make a difference.

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